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After installed the software and obtained the latest firmware for your drive, simply start up the application identified by the following icon:

Burner icon.png

Once started, the software will show you a simple and straightforward interface.

Wiki burner 001.PNG

Start your drive in Bootloader mode (Click here for DigiDRIVE Portable or here for DigiDRIVE Basic) and connect it to the PC / MAC with a standard mini-USB cable.

After connected and recognized by the OS, the program will enter in console mode searching for connected peripherals. In the case no peripherals are available or no peripherals are in bootloader mode, the program will inform you with a simple message.

Wiki burner 002.PNG

In the case the drive connected is in bootloader mode, the program will show you a list of all the peripherals ready to be flashed. The firmware version is reported, too.

Wiki burner 003.PNG

Clicking on Browse button, the user can select a valid DDX file for the drive/peripheral connected. If a DDX file designed for another product is used, the program will output an error message.

Wiki burner 004.PNG

Wiki burner 005.PNG

Warning_icon.png ATTENTION: Firmware upload is a very critical process. Make sure the battery of the drive is fully charged before starting an upgrade. Don't disconnect or power off the drive during flashing process.

Once clicked on Install and chose Proceed on the following window, the program will erase the entire flash memory of the drive starting the flashing procedure automatically.

If the firmware selected requires a special bootloader in order to be flashed, a warning error will be raised informing which version of bootloader is really required.

Wiki burner 011.PNG In the case of "Bootloader Version Mismatch", just download the right bootloader and install it as a normal firmware. If everything is ok, the procedure will prompt an information box before proceeding with flashing.

Wiki burner 006.PNG

Wiki burner 007.PNG

Wiki burner 008.PNG

Once finished, it is mandatory to shut down the drive even if you need to re-flash the unit with another firmware or if you installed a new bootloader.

In this case of a new bootloader, refer to this section for further information about it.


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Warning_icon.png In the case of DigiDRIVE Portable, starting from firmware, the drive will enter automatically in "Calibration Mode" after the very first power on. Refer to this section for further information about this.

Burner has a unique protection system against power loss or communication errors. Even if a problem occurs, simply shutdown the drive and restart it in Bootloader mode repeating all the passages from the first point.

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