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From firmware v3.0, DigiDRIVE Portable is fully compliant with DragonFrame DFMoco protocol.


To successfully connect DigiDRIVE Portable with Dragon Frame, just go to SCENE and select CONNECTIONS :

Wiki df 01 scene connections detail.PNG

Once selected, on the following window, select Connection Required for Shooting and click Connect on the first free axis on the list. (In this example ARCMOCO #1)

Wiki df 01b scene connections arrow.png

If a warning message appear at this stage, please double check the cable on the PC and on the Portable Side.

Wiki df 02 scene no serials box.png

With the right connection to the PC, you'll obtain a list of available COM ports. Choose the port currently assigned to DigiDRIVE Portable like the one on the following image.

Wiki df 03 scene ok serialport box.png

At this point, Dragon Frame will start communicating with DigiDRIVE Portable. With the right firmware on the Drive, the Dragon Frame will report the successful connection like as shown below.

Wiki df 04 scene connected arrow.png

Th Drive will automatically enter in "Serial control mode" as shown in this way

The Main Led is "breathing"
Wiki portable calibration top.gif
and the Virtual Limits also

are "breathing"

Digidrive portable autoloop stop.gif

Add Axis

After successfully connecting the DigiDRIVE Portable to Dragon Frame, it is the time to add the device to the arc motion control

Wiki df 05 add axis arc motion control arrow.png

Wiki df 05 add axis pointer box.png

Once clicked on add axis, you'll be prompted to insert the right value for the SmartSystem equipment conected to Dragon Frame.

Wiki df 06 configure portable reflexs.PNG

Axis Parameters

Since DigiDRIVE Portable can control all the DigiMOTORs and since every DigiMOTORS has it's own mechanical parameters, it's important to put the right values on the Dragon Frame Configure Axis.

Product Steps per Unit Jog Max Speed
SmartSLIDER Reflex S 2518.52 steps / mm 200000
SmartSLIDER PRO w/ White Belt 2720 steps / mm 200000
SmartSLIDER PRO w/ Black Belt 2518.52 / mm 200000
Smart3 PRO / Reflex 1360 / mm 200000