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Some firmware versions require an update to Bootloader before they can be installed. Updating Bootloader is only necessary if the firmware you are trying to install requires a specific Bootloader version. If you are unsure whether your firmware needs a new Bootloader version, simply attempt the update process using the 'Burner' software. 'Burner' will issue an error message for the affected versions of firmware. It will inform you which version of Bootloader you need to install the firmware version that you are attempting. Click here for further information.

Warning_icon.png ATTENTION: Updating the bootloader will erase ENTIRELY the drive. After a Bootloader Update it is mandatory to upload a new firmware in order to let the drive return in normal operation condition

The latest Bootloader can be accessed from our download page (scroll down in order to find DigiDRIVE Portable section.)

To install the new Bootloader to DigiDRIVE Portable, you will need the dedicated Burner software. Burner is available for both Mac & PC - it can be downloaded here.

How to enter in Bootloader Mode:

1) Press and keep pressed the control button 2) Power on your DigiDRIVE Portable 3) DigiDRIVE in Bootloader Mode
Digidrive portable bootloader 1.png Wiki arrow LR.png Digidrive portable bootloader 2.png Wiki arrow LR.png Digidrive portable bootloader 3.png

With DigiDRIVE Portable in Bootloader mode, connect the controller to the computer using a regular mini-USB to USB cable.

Open the 'Burner' software on your computer. The software will automatically scan for a connected DigiDRIVE Portable.

If DigiDRIVE Portable has been successfully recognised by 'Burner', it will display a status page for the device, including the current firmware version.

In some cases, 'Burner' may detect a connected DigiDRIVE Portable but will not display the device status.

Wiki burner 002.PNG

If this happens, simply repeat the Bootloader launch process.

When DigiDRIVE Portable is connected and recognized by 'Burner', click the "Browse" button and locate the new Bootloader file and click the "Install" button to start the update process. A warning dialog will appear before the installation process begins. During the installation the current status will be show in the 'Burner' window.

Once the process has finished a dialog box will appear to confirm if the update has been successful.

IMPORTANT: It is MANDATORY to power-off the DigiDRIVE Portable NOW. Wait 30 seconds and power up it again

The Bootloader Updater, as stated before, is a custom software that erase COMPLETELY the drive replacing the old bootloader with the new one.

Warning_icon.png For this reason, it is mandatory to wait patiently the program executes all the necessary operation without powering off the drive. A full recharge is highly recommended

Once powered on, the drive will automatically execute the bootloader replacement informing the user of theexecution of the updating process with a led flashing pattern like the one below. After few seconds (maximum 30 seconds), the drive will enter automatically in bootloader mode, ready to be flashed a again with a new firmware.

DigiDRIVE updating the bootloader DigiDRIVE in Bootloader Mode
Wiki portable bootloader update.gif Wiki arrow LR.png Digidrive portable bootloader 3.png

At this point, it is safe to power off the system or start a new firmware upload