Calibration (DigiDRIVE Portable)

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From firmware version onward, an on-board Calibration mode has been added to DigiDRIVE Portable. The Calibration mode is used to re-calibrate the joystick and rotary dial without a computer.. Correct calibration of the joystick and rotary dial is needed for predictable and expected operation of DigiDRIVE Portable. Symptoms that may be fixed with re-calibration include drifting motor movement and incorrect mapping between selected speed and actual velocity.

In order to enter the Calibration Mode, the drive must be set to:

  • Live Mode (see here for your reference)
  • No Virtual Limits defined

This is the standard operating mode just after a power on. If you are unsure if you are in the right operating mode for calibration, simply Power Off the portable, wait about 5 seconds and Power it on again.

To enter Calibration mode, press the Control Button 5 times, one after the other. This will activate the Calibration sequence, indicated with the 'Main' LED "breathing" and the 'Left Limit' & 'Right Limit' blinking alternately, as shown by the graphic below.

The Main Led is "breathing"
Wiki portable calibration top.gif
The Virtual Limits Leds are blinking


Wiki portable calibration start.gif

Move the joystick to its maximum left position and its maximum right position, holding it in place for 1 second each time - repeat this 5 times. Next, rotate the dial to its maximum clockwise & anti-clockwise position, keeping it in place for 1 second each time. In order to start the calibration, just move to maximum left and to the maximum right the Joystick and rotate fully clockwise and fully counterclockwise the Pot of your DigiDRIVE Portable. Keep for at least 1 second the controls (Joystick or Pot) to its maximum and its minimum repeating this procedure for at least 5 times.

Once the DigiDRIVE Portable detects sufficient motion data, the 'Left Limit' & 'Right Limit' LEDs will blink simultaneously. When this happens, stop moving the conrols, leaving them in their resting positions.

The Virtual Limits Leds are blinking


Wiki portable calibration save.gif

During this process, DigiDRIVE Portable is storing the new calibration data. For this reason stop moving the controls and leave them in their resting positions (the Joystick will return automatically on its center and the Pot will remain on its last position).

After few seconds, the drive will return in Live mode.

Warning_icon.png The DigiDRIVE Portable will enter automatically in Calibration Mode after a firmware upload


  • Calibration mode will automatically initilise during the first power-up after a firmware update